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Stefanie Callens

Stef Callens is the owner and founder of Vitality Training Studio.  She holds an ACE Personal Training, ACE Exercise Nutrition Specialist, and numerous other Certificates some pertaining to Women's Health and Pregnancy/Postpartum. Stef loves connecting with her clients and helping them reach their full potential strength wise, as well as helping them be able to do whatever physical activity they want - from hiking a 14er or simply playing with their grandkids on the floor. She is an expert on training people of all ages - from teens to the elderly. She is also the hormone trainer - from pregnancy and postpartum to menopause. 

What made you become a personal trainer? After years in the corporate world where it seemed that all my effort was for nothing, I wanted to be able to really make a difference in people's lives. What better way than to teach them tools to live a healthier, more active life?!


What's your favorite exercise? Running (I'm a distance runner) and just about every strength exercise. There aren't many that I dislike. 


What's your least favorite exercise? The assault bike - this machine is ridiculous


What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer? That moment when a client realizes that they can actually do something they hadn't been able to do before or it's been a long time.


What is your favorite demographic to train and why?  I love training everyone, but have 2 favorites. 1) Pregnant and postpartum women. As a mom of 2 small kids, I understand that there are so many changes physically and mentally to our bodies when we have a kid. I love helping moms safely stay active when pregnant and helping them resume back to their favorite activities once they are cleared from their doctors, while extending themselves grace throughout the process. 2) Women and men in their mid 40's-60s who either never made their health a priority or life has gotten in their way lately, and they are ready to focus on themselves and their health. What they do now, will enable them to that much more 20 years from now.

How and why did you create Vitality Training Studio? When I started training clients, I realized that so many of them would never go to a big box gym (they are gross and very intimidating). So the most important aspect of Vitality is that clients feel comfortable and safe in our studio to be able to work on their health and strength. The semi-private atmosphere also allows us trainers, to help each other other, whether it's training each other's clients when we are on vacation or running ideas by each other for the best ways to help our clients.

What are your personal fitness training specialtiesPregnancy and postpartum, hip rehab, knee, shoulder and back pain, cyclists, runners, and menopause

What are your favorite hobbies? Hiking, paddleboarding, reading, traveling around the world, and spending time with my family (hubs, 2 kids, and pup)

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