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Nutritional Counseling

Our nutritional counseling provides you with guidance on the right things to eat and accountability to keep you on track. This counseling can be done separately or incorporated within your fitness training program. 

We have created an 8 week challenge program where we educate you on the right things to eat, when to eat throughout the day, and how to incorporate this healthy eating within your normal life. It's not just a 8 week diet - it's educating you on a way of life.


Although we love exercise at Vitality, we know that weight loss really has to do with what you are (or aren't) eating and how you feel and are sleeping. You cannot out exercise a bad diet! There are so many diet plans out there, that it is overwhelming! We've looked into a lot of them and decided that this is the best.

Our goal is to get your metabolism up and running, teach you a crash course in learning how to eat properly in different circumstances, and you will lose weight, sleep better and have more energy. This isn't a cleanse where you can't have caffeine and have to take a lot of supplements or be on a liquid diet. Instead, you learn how to eat real food in the right portions for you. A lot of people have commented that their right portions are way bigger than what they had normally been eating. We also provide you with mini challenges throughout these 8 weeks.

You will be required to record the food you are eating and turn your journals in to your food coach every week, so there is accountability there, as well as help to keep you motivated or if you feel stuck.

We offer this counseling anytime throughout the year. 

Clients have lost 8-24 pounds within the 8 weeks! This program is super simple - no calorie, points or macronutrient counting necessary. We provide you with the tools and you just follow our plan. Included is a long list of suggested items.

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