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Vitality Training Studio was voted Top 5 Trainers in Denver and Best of the Best Personal Trainers in Littleton in 2022 and Best Workout/Fitness Center in 2023. With over 75 years combined of training experience and a lot of us on our 2nd (or 3rd) careers, we have a unique set of skills to help our clients.

Here are some of our specialties:

  • Weight Loss

  • Joint Pain/Injuries

  • Neuromuscular Diseases

  • Strength Building

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum

  • Perimenopause & Menopause

  • Pain Management

  • Running, Cycling, and Golf Improvement

  • Exercising during cancer treatment and recovery

  • Fitness Nutrition

  • Teaching Alternative, Healthier Habits

  • Plus, so much more!

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Meet The Team

What Our Clients Say about their Trainers


Dana, Client

I highly recommend! Trainers work with you to meet your own goals. You train with weights, ropes, balance balls, kettle balls, agility pieces, kickboxing bags. No workout is the same.  Lots of core work and stretches! You have nothing to lose!


Kristin, Client

"I love everything about Vitality!! I truly look forward to every session that I train with Zoe. She is amazing!! She pushes me but is also so patient. I have gained so much knowledge and confidence from her. She gives me lots of great tips during our sessions and helps me find ways to work out at home. I like training in a small gym where sometimes we are the only people in the studio. I have learned so much from Stef about nutrition, too. Zoe and Stef have helped me achieve my goals and I look forward to continuing to improve my health and wellness with them!" 


Alisha, Client

"My life changed after working with my trainer at Vitality. The studio is very personal. I love how there aren't crowds and the only people there working out are the ones training with another trainer. I had felt so uncomfortable working out at a typical gym. I was always self conscious about it but didn't have to worry at all at the studio." 

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