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I needed help overcoming age-related health issues so that I could reduce and eventually become pain-free every day. Vitality Training was just what I was looking for. I had always been a big gym person and could always get motivated to work out, but with life, things change. The small intimate space helps me focus and provides the personal attention I need. After just a short few months, I am pain-free, due to my trainer,  modifying exercises so I could continue to work out without injury. I am thrilled that I saw their sign as I was driving by. Worth checking out!" 


I have been a regular as Vitality for sometime now. I look forward to each workout. I am in my mid 50's and understand the importance of working out to develop muscle and good balance. My time spent with Austen is well worth the investment of time and money. He understands and helps me with each workout to maximize results. There is a great sense of community at Vitality. All the people that train and are trainers are so positive. I fully recommend that you consider their services. I am certain that you will find like I have great health benefits and a much more enjoyable lifestyle."


"What a wonderful training studio and trainer, Stefanie is absolutely wonderful!  She gauges the training specifically to your needs, ensures that it is not too strenuous nor painful and is extremely easy to talk to. Always encouraging and maintaining your safety.  She is the best." 

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Meet Andrew

Why Andrew's trainer, Michael, chose Andrew to be our Client of the Month: "Andrew is a great client to train.  He always shows up ready to push himself. He’s game for whatever I throw at him and has a smile on his face, even when I’m putting him through the wringer. Andrew has made great progress and I’m happy to get the opportunity to help him reach his goals!"

 What Andrew has to say about Vitality and his trainer, Michael:   "Being able to use a semi-private gym is great and convenient.    Michael prepares the workouts with my goals in mind and modifies the plan as we move forward.  I enjoy being able to push myself and know that someone is there to make sure I don’t over do it and help maximize my time.   Having someone at the studio waiting for me keeps me accountable and prevents me from skipping even on busy days. "