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We love our clients and like to celebrate in their achievements, regardless of the size!

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Meet Carolyn Hiatt

Why we chose Carolyn: 
Carolyn has been coming to the studio for 2 years and always has a good attitude. When asked to do something tough, she continues to have a positive can-do attitude! She is very consistent, rarely missing a session. And we are continually impressed with her hard work and the strength she is attaining.

october 2019 client(s) of the month

Meet Kathryn and Kimberlee

Kit and Kim have been consistently attending Stef's Bootcamp classes for about 4.5 years, after their firstborns were almost 1, through their second pregnancies (at the same time!) and now in their postpartum stage. Starting in Stef's basement, going to parks during warm weather, and now at Vitality, watching these two ladies grow physically stronger and being able to push them has been an inspiration! They show up, sometimes with kids in tow, and even if they are exhausted and would prefer to drink coffee and just chat, they keep moving. Kit started not being able to do 1 pushup and Kim rolled right off the stability ball the first time she got on it - but now they both can bust out a set of pushups and can stay on the ball! They are really setting an example to their kids watching them workout week after week - and now their kids even join them sometimes. 

About Kathryn and Kimberlee: Both Colorado natives, Kathyrn and Kimberlee love taking their physical activity outdoors.


Kathryn and Kimberlee's health and wellness goals: They want to set a good example for their children by being confident, healthy and strong.

What they like about Vitality and/or our trainers: They love their trainers! Kathryn appreciates that the trainers make her goals attainable and Kimberlee loves the authentic care that her trainers show for her health and wellbeing.

Favorite exercise: Kathryn likes the rowing machine and Kimberlee likes...Burpees.


Least favorite exercise: Kathryn does not like jumping rope and Kimberlee does not like push-ups.


Meet Mary

Excellent health has always been a goal of Mary or “Mimi” (75)! As a nurse and Home Health professional, excellent health has always been a goal of Mary's. 15 years ago, Mary was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Mary decided to face this dianosis head-on and exercise has been a key tool in fighting her disease progression.  Mary's dedication to her health is a true inspiration!

About Mary: Mary made her 25th move to Littleton, CO, where she shares a home with her youngest daughter’s family which includes two of her very active grandsons, ages 5 and 3.


Mary's health and wellness goals: Mary's PD treatment approach for exercise is not optional but a must-do daily!!

What Mary likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: Mary loves her personal trainer, Austen, who gives her a hard time about everything! He keeps the workouts fun and lively. 


Mary's favorite exercise: Weights to build muscle mass/boxing


Mary's least favorite exercise:Anything regarding balance.

June 2019 Client of the Month

Meet Steve

Although he complains about a lot of the exercises and asks why he has to do it, Steve still does everything asked of him. He shows up to every session – has never skipped one unless he was traveling. Steve even goes up in weight when he feels he isn’t being challenged enough. He offers great advice and is always willing to help. Steve keeps us on our toes and it’s been a pleasure being his trainer.


About Steve: Steve (60) and his wife, Jayne, have two daughters and a 1 year old grandson.


Steve's health and wellness goals: To learn to like working out and enjoying life physically again.

What Steve likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: Great attitudes and caring about their clients. Always variety in their workouts.


Steve's favorite exercise: Napping, or if that doesn't count, bench press.


Steve's least favorite exercise: Anything to do with legs and body weight.

april 2019 Client of the Month

Meet Kim

Kim is one of the most dedicated clients we have ever had. From the moment when she decided to turn her life around and get healthy, she went all in – completing changing her eating habits and challenging herself with exercise and it really shows in her results. Kim almost never misses a class or session. She pushes herself with every workout, no matter what the trainers throw at her.


About Kim: Kim (44) enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling and spending time with her family. She has an 11 year old son, 3 dogs and a cat.


Kim's health and wellness goals: To challenge herself to be the healthiest version she can be.

What Kim likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: Kim likes the smaller environment of the studio and the individual trainers with their various techniques for training, which adds variety to every class/session.


Kim's favorite exercise: She likes them all – even if she complains about them


Kim's least favorite exercise: None really-but would imagine disliking cycling if forced to do it

March 2019 Client of the Month

Meet Brianne

Brianne came in to Vitality with some hesitations and fears. But she quickly realized her own strength and has pushed beyond her own expectations. With each session, she improves her overall core strength and gains a little more confidence. We are so proud of you Brianne! Keep up the great work!


About Brianne: Brianne (41) has lived in Colorado since 2002 and recently moved over to Littleton. She is married to her college sweetheart, Alex, and has three kids, James (12), Anna (9) and Elisabeth (7). She currently stays home with her kids, and during the day spends her time volunteering and trying to get fit and strong again. She played tennis in college and sports and fitness were always a huge part of her life. Starting to workout again reminds her of why she used to enjoy being an athlete. She can’t wait to feel like an athlete once again!


Brianne’s health and wellness goals: She just wants to feel strong and be strong. She wants to be able to do activities with her family without worrying about hurting herself! While her kids were young she didn’t make fitness a priority and is trying to make up for that now.


What Brianne likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: Brianne enjoys the small, cozy feel of Vitality, the cleanliness and condition of the gym. Chelsey has been a great trainer. She’s so positive and aware of Brianne’s limitations, while at the same time helps push through them in a healthy way


Brianne’s favorite exercise: Hot yoga and personal training - a tie!


Brianne’s least favorite exercise: Running/Jumping

February 2019 Client of the Month


Meet Meg

Meg deserves client of the month for several reasons. She has decided to put her overall health first and has taken the necessary steps to get her body moving by taking every class we offer here at the studio. She shows up for every class with a grin on her face and an energy most people don’t have right before a workout – not to mention she doesn’t have an exercise that she dislikes! She is a positive influence on all of us here at Vitality. We all enjoy her infectious laugh and we commend her efforts to putting her health first. Go Meg!


About Meg: Meg loves Colorado, hiking, snowshoeing, and exploring. She’s lived in Colorado since 1989 and before that lived in Hawaii. She has 3 children and 3 grandchildren, who have raised her well. Meg worked as an accountant in the Oil and Gas Industry in Denver for over 20 years. She loves to travel – has been to many countries, England, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Canada, and Mexico, because her late husband was a technical trainer for Avaya. Meg is in transition now, having seen bits and pieces of her path, waiting for that season.


Meg’s health and wellness goals: I have always been aware of health being a gift. Right now, I am trying to prepare my body for endurance and strength. At 55, I know I can incorporate exercise to increase energy and live a fit life.


What Meg likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: I love the personal size and attention. At first, the trainers were always encouraging, but now they are like family, stretching me to go further. My strength
has increased, as well as my endurance. Going to the Studio is great and work all at the same time.


Meg’s favorite exercise: The heavy rope


Meg’s least favorite exercise: None – they are all helpful

Meet Caitlin

Caitlin, 21,  joined the studio to feel better about herself and to be in good shape on her wedding day. She was determined and worked really hard in the 4 months she had before the big day and achieved her goal. We are so proud of all the work she put in to change her lifestyle habits and to move! Look how beautiful she was on her wedding day!

Meet Caitlin: I joined in May 2017. I had a fast coming wedding and was not feeling like myself. I had weighed more than I ever have, none of my clothes fit, I was eating horrible and felt tired and bloated all the time. I tried dieting and working out, but never really knew the proper way to do things. I joined the studio and did the nutrition program at the same time. I quickly learned what, when and how much I should be eating throughout the day and was able to jump right in to the training. The early morning and evening classes really worked well with my schedule and allowed me to get a full body workout. I quickly saw the pounds drop and the way I felt was amazing! I had more energy and had finally de-bloated. The weekly meetings really kept me on track and even the weeks that I did not do my best- they never made me feel bad and always looked at what we could do better the next week. I was able to feel comfortable and like myself again before my big day in September!

What she likes about the studio and/or trainer: I love that the studio offers a variety of different times to workout- this definitely helps with a busy schedule between a full time job and school. I love that I can spend 30-45 minutes and feel like I really worked out my entire body. All of the trainers are attentive and really do their best to give you the best workout while you are there. Since I have a shoulder injury, all of the trainers are also really good about modifying certain workouts and keeping an eye on me to make sure I was never over-doing something where I could hurt myself. I also love that the studio offers the nutrition and the workouts all in one- it makes you feel like you are really learning the correct way to treat your body.

Favorite Exercise: TRX Bands

Least Favorite Exercise: Pushups!

January 2019 Client of the Month