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We love our clients and like to celebrate in their achievements, regardless of the size!

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Meet Xavier

Why we chose Xavier to be our Client of the Month:   Xavier is an amazing client! Someone that is truly a hard worker even with his busy schedule, he always shows up ready to put in the work. He has been able to add great muscle and build his strength over the last year even with all the madness. His attitude is always positive with a smile on his face and saying hello to everyone. Xavier has a wonderful personality and it has been a true pleasure to be able to train him over the year, and to make a new friend. Keep up all the great work!!

About Xavier:   Xavier loves the Colorado outdoors, Denver Broncos, travel, trying new food places & the gym!  He owns Belmar Nutrition and is passionate about contributing in a positive way to our communities. 

Xavier's Health and Wellness Goals:   Achieve & Maintain a Lean & fit physique. 

What Xavier likes about Vitality:  Xavier says, “Vitality is such a clean well kept studio with top-notch trainers, knowledge & positive atmosphere.”

Favorite Exercise: Circuits, Super sets 

Least Favorite Exercise: Push ups

October 2020 Client of the Month

Meet Terra

Why we chose Terra to be our Client of the Month:   Terra joined Vitality when she was newly pregnant. Although already an athlete, she wanted to make sure to exercise properly during this new stage of her life. She works really hard and is doing such a great job staying active in her pregnancy, pushing herself, but also listening to her body. Now, with less than 1 month left before her baby girl is due, she's still showing up. We are so happy to have her as part of the Vitality family and are excited to continue working with her in this next stage of her life.


 About Terra:   Terra is an Air Force veteran, an engineer, a lifelong athlete and soon to be a mom. She began dancing, skiing, and swimming at the age of three, becoming passionate about just about any sport. Terra began cycling and competing in triathlons in college. After commissioning into the Air Force and moving to Ohio she gravitated to road cycling. When her career took her to Nevada, she began racing mountain bikes and cyclecross. Both she and her husband love being outdoors camping, hiking, and cycling and are excited to share their passion for the outdoors with their little girl!


Terra's Health and Wellness Goals:  Terra's goal is to stay fit and healthy to prepare for birth and postpartum.

What Terra likes about Vitality:  The individualized aspects of the training plan.

Favorite Exercise: Lunges

Least Favorite Exercise: Meditation 

September 2020 Client of the Month

Meet Jim

Why we chose Jim to be our Client of the Month:   It's a pleasure having Jim be part of the Vitality family! Jim consistently shows up to every session on Monday afternoons. He works hard, has a great attitude, and does whatever Cherise has him do, even when he thinks she's crazy. He also has some really interesting stories about his work through the years and his love of restoring cars.


About Jim: Jim loves computers, cameras, and old Chevrolets! He also enjoys music and traveling.


Jim's Health and Wellness Goals: Jim wants to gain flexibility and balance.

What Jim likes about Vitality:  Jim likes the personal attention given at Vitality Training Studio.


Favorite Exercise:  The treadmill

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything requiring jumping!

August 2020 Client of the Month

Meet Reina

Why we chose Reina to be our Client of the Month:   Reina joined the team just over 2 months ago and we are so happy she did! How would we describe her? Motivated. Tenacious. Delightful. Reliable. She’s made it to every session that she’s scheduled, ready for anything. And no matter what’s been thrown her way, she gets after it, no complaints. We’re excited to see her continue to progress. The sky's the limit for this incredible lady.


About Reina: Reina is a third-year Psychology and Sociology student at the University of Toronto. Her dream career is to be a Clinical Psychologist in a hospital setting. In her free time, she is teaching herself to play acoustic guitar, listens to music, reads books, and spends as much time with her family as possible. 


Reina's Health and Wellness Goals: Reina’s health and wellness goals include reaching a new maximum weight on squats, deadlifts, and bench, improving cardio stamina, and maintaining a healthy weight with more muscle mass.

What Reina likes about Vitality:  “Vitality offers a healthy and focused place where I can set specific goals for myself with my trainer and work towards accomplishing them. By having the one-on-one support and guidance at Vitality, I feel more confident and determined to achieve my goals and continue to grow. My trainer PK is the best trainer I could ask for. He helps me set my goals for the month and outline a monthly plan to achieve them. Each session it's like talking to a close friend and before I know it we've gone through all the exercises and circuits. Every session I have here is enjoyable and I'm always excited to come back.”


Favorite Exercise:   Deadlift with the trap bar.

Least Favorite Exercise: The roll out on the exercise ball.

 july 2020 client of the month

Meet Amy

Why we chose Amy to be our Client of the Month:   Amy started training with Stef in 2015. Her goal was to gain muscle, strength, and be a stress reliever and she has more than gained all three. Going from one on one personal training through the years to most recently taking Cherise's Burn it Bootcamp GRIT class, she is kicking some major butt! It's been such a pleasure watching Amy grow in her fitness level, as well as in her career and life. Keep up the amazing work, Amy! We are so proud of you.


About Amy:   Amy grew up here in Littleton and loves it here. She lives with her husband, two dogs, and a fish. She is currently in her last quarter pursuing a Master's degree and she can't wait to have free time again to spend more time with family and friends.

Amy's Health and Wellness Goals: Working out really helps me manage stress. Working full time and being in grad school can be a lot to manage, the GRIT classes have helped keep me on track with fitness and stay kinda sane.

What Amy likes about Vitality:  Their ongoing support and flexibility to help me reach my goals.


Favorite Exercise:  Sledgehammer! :)

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything that is done in a ladder format!

May 2020 client of the month

Meet Leanne

Why we chose Leanne to be our Client of the Month:   Leanne has been an exceptional client for over six months now. Her dedication is displayed by her consistency to show up to her early, early, early morning sessions, oftentimes being the first one in the gym for the day. We love to see her here at Vitality and hope she continues to work with us into the future!


About Leanne: Leanne is a Colorado native and lives in Littleton Colorado with her husband Andy, two beautiful teenage daughters, Emily and Lauren, and their energetic  Labrador  Oliver! Leanne loves to read, ski, and travel.  

Leanne's Health and Wellness Goals: I sit at a desk most of the day and I was looking to build core strength, muscle, and lose weight.  I also needed help with a new nutrition plan. I am getting older and the diets that had worked for me before, no longer worked.  I have a lot of demands on my time,  and I needed early morning workouts if I wanted to be successful.  

What Leanne likes about Vitality:  I love the studio! Stef is amazing and everyone is friendly and welcoming. Ross is my trainer and he makes the workouts fun and challenging!  I also really like the kick-start program.  The recipes are amazing and the program has changed the way I eat and has helped me reset my metabolism!  I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Favorite Exercise:  Strength training, resistance training, and Tabata workouts.

Least Favorite Exercise: Strength training, resistance training and tabata workouts.

march 2020 client of the month

Meet Siri

Why we chose Siri to be our Client of the Month:  There are only good things to say about Siri!  She's on time, hard-working and engaging. Siri brings so much to the table. Back in September, she joined the crew, determined to get stronger. We knew she’d be a perfect fit. Since joining Vitality, she has been keeping up with her homework to come prepared for each and every session. As of lately, she is crushing the deadlifts and bench work. 


About Siri: Siri was born in India and came to the US in 2013 to obtain a Master's in Electrical Engineering.  She currently works as a Big Data Engineer at Comcast. Siri likes bike riding and hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter.  

Siri's Health and Wellness Goals: Maintain weight and fitness level, but mostly interested in building strength. 

What Siri likes about Vitality:  Siri appreciates the convenience, the instructors and the attention to detail at Vitality.


Favorite Exercise:  DEAD LIFTS!!!

Least Favorite Exercise: Whichever exercise she does in improper form :)

February 2020 client of the month

Meet Terri Thomson

Why we chose Terri to be our Client of the Month:  Terri joined the studio to lose weight and strengthen her core. She had been struggling with a lot of hip and back pain through the years, so she was pretty limited in some of the exercises she could do that didn't cause pain in the beginning. But she pushed through and has been willing to try anything that I have thrown at her. She has gained so much strength in her glutes and core in the 6 months I have been training her. Her determination is admirable! Terri has been a great addition to the Vitality family and I love having her as a client.


About Terri: Terri is a native of Colorado. She is a mother to 4 kids, 2 boys, and 2 girls. She was a Scout leader for her kids and helped coach some of their sports teams. As an adult, Terri used to be big into golf, tennis, hiking, racquetball, jogging and biking and camping. She is hoping to return to some of these activites soon.


Terri's Health and Wellness Goals: Due to a bad car accident in her 20's, Terri has had some physical health challenges.  Now that she has finished her required physical therapy she has begun to work on improving core strength and overall health. One of her goals is to be able to get back to playing tennis and maybe even racquetball.


What Terri likes about Vitality: I like the commitment that I see from all the Vitality trainers for their clients. I feel that they truly take a personal interest in the well being and whole health of their customers. They are both reliable and flexible so it is easy to continue to get my workouts in as my personal schedule seems to change from week to week.


Favorite Exercise:  The punching bag.

Least Favorite Exercise: Burpees

January 2020 Client of the Month

Meet Tamlyn

Why we chose Tamlyn to be our Client of the Month:  Tamlyn attended a postpartum workshop that Stef taught and started working with her to gain strength and to feel more confident about herself after having her son. Since then, she has gotten so much stronger! It's been so inspiring to see Tamlyn's dedication to working out. She joined the Momma MoveCamp class at the studio when it started and attends most classes. Whereas some workouts used to make her super sore and tired, she rocks them now - hardly even phased. Tamlyn did the Kick Start Program to complement her training and to get back on track to eating healthier. We are so proud of the strength and confidence she has gained and look forward to seeing how much stronger she becomes in the new year!  


About Tamlyn: Tamlyn is a Colorado native. She married her high school sweetheart in 2017 and they now have an extremely energetic 20-month-old son. Tamlyn and her husband enjoy spending time in the mountains, going camping and riding their ATV or RZR. 


Tamlyn's Health and Wellness Goals: Build muscle so that she can keep up with her boys and move the furniture around easier. 


What Tamlyn likes about Vitality: The variety in the workouts. Every workout is different so you never get bored. All of the trainers do a great job of telling you how to modify the exercises to be easier or harder.


Favorite Exercise:  All the different plank exercises

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything cardio!

December 2019 Client of the Month

Meet Alex Klos

Why we chose Alex to be our Client of the Month:  Alex is always ready for a good workout and (almost ;)) always has an awesome attitude!  Alex believes "Cardio" is a bad word but she does it anyway and helps motivate those around her.  She is truly a fun person to have at the studio; classes are always more awesome with Alex there. If you need inspiration, look for Alex, she has it all over the place!


About Alex: Alex came to Colorado 20 years ago. Coming from the East Coast, it took some time to get used to Colorado. However, now Alex appreciates all Colorado has to offer and is happy to call it home.


Alex’s Health and Wellness Goals: I try to do all I can to be healthy and strong.


What Alex likes about Vitality: Intimate atmosphere, big gyms are intimidating.


Favorite Exercise: I like all of it, but I am good at the plank. 

Least Favorite Exercise: Anything cardio, I will do it but with lots of complaining.


Meet Carolyn Hiatt

 Carolyn has been coming to the studio for 2 years and always has a good attitude. When asked to do something tough, she continues to have a positive can-do attitude! She is very consistent, rarely missing a session. And we are continually impressed with her hard work and the strength she is attaining.

About Carolyn: I'm just tall enough that my feet touch the ground whenever I stand up.


Carolyn's health and wellness goals: Keep my brain and muscles working.

What Carolyn likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: All the trainers that I've had, keep me motivated to work hard.

 Favorite exercise: Anything that makes me sweat or shake.


Least favorite exercise: Anything that makes me sweat or shake...

october 2019 client(s) of the month

Meet Kathryn and Kimberlee

Kit and Kim have been consistently attending Stef's Bootcamp classes for about 4.5 years, after their firstborns were almost 1, through their second pregnancies (at the same time!) and now in their postpartum stage. Starting in Stef's basement, going to parks during warm weather, and now at Vitality, watching these two ladies grow physically stronger and being able to push them has been an inspiration! They show up, sometimes with kids in tow, and even if they are exhausted and would prefer to drink coffee and just chat, they keep moving. Kit started not being able to do 1 pushup and Kim rolled right off the stability ball the first time she got on it - but now they both can bust out a set of pushups and can stay on the ball! They are really setting an example to their kids watching them workout week after week - and now their kids even join them sometimes. 

About Kathryn and Kimberlee: Both Colorado natives, Kathyrn and Kimberlee love taking their physical activity outdoors.


Kathryn and Kimberlee's health and wellness goals: They want to set a good example for their children by being confident, healthy and strong.

What they like about Vitality and/or our trainers: They love their trainers! Kathryn appreciates that the trainers make her goals attainable and Kimberlee loves the authentic care that her trainers show for her health and wellbeing.

Favorite exercise: Kathryn likes the rowing machine and Kimberlee likes...Burpees.


Least favorite exercise: Kathryn does not like jumping rope and Kimberlee does not like push-ups.


Meet Mary

Excellent health has always been a goal of Mary or “Mimi” (75)! As a nurse and Home Health professional, excellent health has always been a goal of Mary's. 15 years ago, Mary was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease (PD). Mary decided to face this dianosis head-on and exercise has been a key tool in fighting her disease progression.  Mary's dedication to her health is a true inspiration!

About Mary: Mary made her 25th move to Littleton, CO, where she shares a home with her youngest daughter’s family which includes two of her very active grandsons, ages 5 and 3.


Mary's health and wellness goals: Mary's PD treatment approach for exercise is not optional but a must-do daily!!

What Mary likes about Vitality and/or our trainers: Mary loves her personal trainer, Austen, who gives her a hard time about everything! He keeps the workouts fun and lively. 


Mary's favorite exercise: Weights to build muscle mass/boxing


Mary's least favorite exercise:Anything regarding balance.