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Morgan McCauley

Morgan is a fitness expert who loves educating her clients on different ways to exercise. She specializes in strength and flexibility training.

What made you become a personal trainer? I wanted to become a personal trainer because fitness and nutrition have always been my passion. I am now able to teach and spread my knowledge about what I love for others to gain confidence and accomplish their health and fitness goals.


What's your favorite exercise? My favorite exercise is doing deadlifts and squats. I love to lift heavy and build my glutes and hamstrings.


What's your least favorite exercise? My least favorite exercise is running. My shin splints and asthma get in the way too much. 


What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer? My favorite part about being a personal trainer is I love helping people discover all the amazing things their bodies can do, build self-confidence, and help achieve their health and fitness goals.


What is your favorite demographic to train and why? I enjoy training all demographics. I am always learning from a variety of different clients and their dynamics. 


What are your personal fitness training specialties? Strength training, and flexibility


What are your favorite hobbies? Hiking all over Colorado, baking, and yoga

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