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Jacob Wright

Jacob has a degree in exercise science and became a trainer so that he can help others improve their quality of life.  His certifications and specialties include the ACSM CPT and Cancer Exercise Specialist. He is currently working on obtaining his inclusive fitness certification through ACSM, as well.

What made you become a personal trainer? I had taken a weightlifting class in high school and I learned so much from it and It helped me overcome a rough period in my life. I saw the physical and mental improvements that happened and it improved my quality of life.


What's your favorite exercise? My favorite exercise is the bench press, a simple exercise but an exercise where your mind and body must be in sync in order to successfully do it. 


What's your least favorite exercise? I don't really have a least favorite exercise but if I had to pick it would be burpees. 


What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer? My favorite part of being a personal trainer is seeing clients learning to love exercise. That it's not some scary, awful thing that they are forced to do to be healthy, but that it is something that they genuinely enjoy. 


What is your favorite demographic to train and why? My favorite demographic to train is middle-aged and senior clients. This population greatly benefits from training with a fitness professional and their life experiences are great to learn from as well. 

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