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Our next 28-Day Balanced Habits Program starts in September!

Results from actual KICK START participants

Although we love exercise at Vitality, we know that weight loss really has to do with what you are (or aren't) eating and how you feel and are sleeping. You cannot out exercise a bad diet! There are so many diet plans out there, that it is overwhelming! We've looked into a lot of them and decided that Balanced Habits is the best.

Three times a year (January, MayJune and September), we run a 28 day Balanced Habits KICK START program. In these 28 days, our goal is to get your metabolism up and running, teach you a crash course in learning how to eat properly, and you will lose weight. This isn't a cleanse where you can't have caffeine and have to take a lot of supplements or be on a liquid diet. Instead, you learn how to eat real food in the right portions for you. A lot of people have commented that their right portions are way bigger than what they had normally been eating.

Clients have lost 8-24 pounds within the 28 days! 40 recipes are provided, but you don't have to make them. A long list of suggested items is provided. This program is super simple - no calorie, points or macronutrient counting necessary. We provide you with the tools and you just follow our plan. 

Due to COVID - we are offering this program to be virtual or for you to come into the studio for weigh ins, which is up to you. We will have a virtual orientation June 5. 

Knowledge is power! Click here for a free download about the 25 most common diet myths.
While you wait for our next Kick Start to begin, try our 3 Day Meal Plan - with 10 Balanced Habits recipes!​ Enter your info to download



Our January KICK START winner lost 9.1% of his body weight, 21 lbs and over 7.5 inches!