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Michael Bayles

 Michael loves to share his passion for fitness with others. Michael is NASM CPT certified and is working towards completing his Corrective Exercise Certification.

What made you become a personal trainer? 

 I grew up playing sports and being active. When I was 12, I started working out as a part of my wrestling training and fell in love with it. 


What's your favorite exercise? Hard to narrow down, but I like pull-ups and deadlifts because they make me feel strong.


What's your least favorite exercise? Any exercise that doesn't properly factor in the risk of injury.


What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer? I love sharing my knowledge with people and seeing them develop a passion for fitness. For so many people working out is a chore. When I’m able to instill an attitude of enjoyment in regard to fitness I feel I’ve done a good job.


What is your favorite demographic to train and why? I want to train anyone who is willing to learn and push themselves! Different demographics offer different challenges, but I enjoy finding unique ways to help each individual reach whatever goals they have.

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