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Chase Anderson

Chase is a people person who loves to connect with anyone who is willing. He has always been an athlete, playing competitive baseball, basketball, and golf. He played college baseball at MSU Denver and was a DII All-American in 2022. He holds his an ACE Personal Training certificate, as well as a TPI Cert (Titleist Performance Institute), specializing in Golf Centered Fitness. He loves training motivated individuals who are training for life!

What made you become a personal trainer? Having my own fitness/weight loss/injury rehabilitation journey myself has been a catalyst for why I chose to become a personal trainer. Empowering someone else with the tools to achieve their goals and fix their pain has been a blessing. 

What's your favorite exercise? My favorite exercise has to be the deadbug. This is a core exercise that has many progressions and regressions and is a staple in my training routine.


What's your least favorite exercise? My least favorite exercise would have to be the water rower. There is nothing fun about it.

What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer?  My favorite part about being a personal trainer is the friendships I have cultivated with my clients over the years, as well as seeing the physical and emotional changes I can see in them as well.


What is your favorite demographic to train and why? I love to train people who are training for something specifically… a race, a hobby, or a competitive athlete… anything that the client is passionate about outside of the gym makes for a good driver inside the gym.

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