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Zoe Rising

If you are new to a gym environment, then Zoe may be the perfect trainer for you. She's been in your shoes and loves to lead her clients from being a fitness novice to a confident pro in the studio.  She specializes in Functional Strength Training.

What made you become a personal trainer? When I first started going to the gym on my own, I was not comfortable. I had these torn-up running shoes, I had never even seen half of the equipment before (seriously I did not know the word "dumbbell"), and it was pretty intimidating being the only woman in the room sometimes. But I was lucky enough to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I asked a LOT of questions. I read books and articles on strength training, I asked friends to come with me, and I asked the trainers at my gym for help whenever I could. Since that time, I have completely fallen in love with training. It's my passion, and I want to be that person that helps make the uncomfortable a little more comfortable for my clients, and maybe even make it exciting :)


What's your favorite exercise? Deadlifts. It just feels so powerful to confidently lift something heavy off the ground. 


What's your least favorite exercise? Pilates. My ego is destroyed every time ... how do they make it look so easy!?


What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer? I love having a client come proudly tell me about something they felt confident doing on their own, or something they felt so confident in that they taught it to a friend too. I think confidence is the most important thing any client should walk away from personal training with.


What is your favorite demographic to train and why? I love training people who haven't had much formal training before or have taken time off from it. It's very rewarding to help people discover both their physical and mental strength through exercise.


What are your personal fitness training specialties? Functional Training and Primal Movement


What are your favorite hobbies? Snowboarding (and skiing!), rock climbing, trail running, backpacking, hiking, snowshoeing

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