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Voted Top 5 Personal Trainers in Denver - 2020

Vitality (meaning being strong and active) provides Littleton with a safe, intimate place for people to achieve their health goals through exercise and nutrition with the help of a personal trainer and coach.

Vitality Training Studio is open and is carefully following safety precautions to keep you and your family safe.


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Vitality Training Studio offers a unique experience for clients. As a semi-private training studio, we limit the amount of people in the studio at one time (which includes personal trainers). No longer do clients have to wait around for equipment to be available or have to feel self-conscious being surrounded by a ton of people. Clients only come to the studio to be trained by a certified personal trainer or to take one of our small group classes. We provide a safe space for you to confidently reach your fitness goals!

Benefits of vitality

  • Semi-Private Setting: Your comfort is our top priority. We limit the size of our small group classes so we can remain focused on each participant's experience

  • Customize​d Personal training programs designed to meet your goals

  • Results based Nutritional Support Programs

  • No Additional Gym Membership Necessary

  • All Fitness Levels Welcome 

OUR Sale packages

Partner Training Options for Heart Month

45 Minutes Sessions for 3 months (26 sessions total) - $700.25/month (for both partners)

45 Min sessions for 6 months (52 sessions total) - $627/month (for both partners)

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Transformation Package

Transform yourself in 8 weeks. $1000 (or $100 off if you can train between 10-3 weekdays use code Flex100 )

Package includes:

2x/week 45 min 1:1 personal training (16 sessions total), 5 pack punchcard to any small group class, Nutrition Coaching and Education

4 Physical assessments to stay on track, Movement & Nutrition Challenges outside the studio, Accountability

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Moms Small Group Training

Mom- Are you spending all your time and energy taking care of your family- that there isn’t time left to take care of yourself?

Mom to mom - I get it (I have a 2.5 year old and 4 month old). I have 3 openings for new(ish) moms who are struggling and interested in small group personal training in a private setting on either Mon/Weds at 10am or Wed/Fri at 1pm for 45 minutes each session.


You would be interested in:
-Rehabbing your body post baby
-Feeling more comfortable in your skin
-Gaining strength (and hopefully more energy)
-Accountability and motivation from personal trainer and other moms in same situation

Child care can be provided by my nanny, so no need to worry about finding a place for the kiddo!

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