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We created a guide book so you can learn the details about how the KICK START program works and even get a sample day of eating the Balanced Habits™ way. Although, as a participant of the program, your nutrition plan will include customized portions, multiple food options, and expert guidance, this is a good example of a typical day in KICK START.

Here is what you'll find on the menu... Enjoy!

Breakfast Cherry Almond Smoothie

Lunch Awesome Antioxidant Salad

Snack Snack Stacks

Dinner Asian Fish Tacos

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We can't wait for you to join our final 2021 KICK START


First, I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Now more than ever is a reminder that the most important thing in life is health; not only the health of you as an individual but also the health of our entire community. 

That is why I want you to join this next KICK START. It is an opportunity for you to take back your life by experiencing 4 transformative weeks of nutrition guidance, education, and accountability so you can cultivate wellness everywhere in your life. It is a program I whole-heartedly believe in because, for over 12 years, I've seen KICK START change lives and witnessed amazing people overcome extraordinary obstacles simply through their trust and commitment to this journey. 

Please join me today to improve your health and to celebrate the health of everyone in this incredible community. Together we can achieve so much more, united as one. 

A Nutrition & Fitness Journey 

To Learn Useful Skills for Lifelong Health 

Stefanie Callens
Founder Vitality Training Studio

Check Out What Others Have Said about KICK START :

“I am so grateful I tried Kickstart! Over the couple of months since it ended, I have found myself sticking to most of what it taught me. I’m no longer snacking, adding more protein to my meals and eating healthy portions. I’ve continued to maintain my weight loss, still have the energy I found during the Kickstart and am exercising more. It really did kickstart me into a health routine!"
"The Kick Start program worked wonders for me.  During the 28 day program, I lost 21 pounds and learned a lot about having a balanced diet.  I maintained healthy eating and exercise after the program ended and lost another 13 pounds.  I do not believe I would have seen such significant progress, if I would have tried to lose weight on my own.  Thanks Kick Start and Vitality Training Studio "