Ross Villenueve

Ross has been a trainer at Vitality Training Studio for XX.  His specialties include.....

Training Times:

What made you become a personal trainer? When I first got into fitness I loved how it made me feel, and I want to help people discover that feeling. I believe everyone can enjoy fitness if they find out what style works for them.

What's your favorite exercise? Pull-ups . They are a great compound back exercise and you can do it anywhere that there is a bar!

What's your least favorite exercise? Any kind of Olympic lift simply because they are super technical I'm not good at them.

What is your favorite part about being a personal trainer? I love helping people discover what fitness activities they like to do and start them on their journeys to a healthier lifestyle.

What is your favorite demographic to train and why? I like to work with absolute beginners because, as I said, I love to help people discover what there is to love about fitness.